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Raw materials

Raw materials

Used PET bottlesView map

In „AzEkol” production premises the following secondary raw material is recycled – clear and color PET bottles.

"AzEkol" is purchasing and recycling PP/PE caps.

For “AzEkol” to be able to recycle the raw material in qualitative final product, several requirements must be observed by the suppliers.

AzEkol quality conditions and division of supplied material by percentage:

Coated PET bottles < 3 %

Household chemical PET bottles < 1 %

Aluminium cans < 0,5 %

PET bottles with metal caps – up to 0.5%

Admixtures cannot exceed 5%

Bottle color division:

In clear PET bottle bale = 90% clear and 10% color bottles.

Used PET bottles pressed in bales with corks and labels.

There have to be no PVC and other waste admixtures in bales. For example, hazardous waste (medical, toxic, chemical dishes), PET bottles with metal corks and rings. Coated PET bottles (yoghurt bottles).

Admixtures of other material cannot exceed < 5%

AzEkol is testing quality of every load. In a random selection one bale from existing clients and 2-3 bales from new suppliers is re-sorted. The content of bales is sorted and % of materials is determined:

  1.  PET bottles clear %
  2.  PET bottles mix %
  3.  PET bottles coated %
  4.  HDPE bottles %
  5.  Polythene %
  6.  Aluminum cans %
  7.  PET bottles with aluminum corks %
  8.  Household chemistry dishes %
  9.  Other unknown plastic, rubber, rocks and waste %

If the material does not correspond to previously negotiated conditions in the agreement, the provisions are overviewed.

Examples for inadequate quality material

Sand and dirt

Bales cannot be dirty and full of sand

HDPE bottles

There cannot be HDPE bottles in bales.

Rocks, wood, rubber, etc.

It is STRICTLY UNACCEPTABLE if bales have rocks, wood, rubber, plastic of unknown origin.

Paper, polythene, waste

It is strictly unacceptable if bales have paper (except bottle labels), polythene and waste.